Our Advantages

  • Nationally Licensed and Bonded
  • SOC Audited and Compliant
  • Decades of Recovery Experience
  • National Network of Attorneys

Our Mission

NCS knows that the sooner we contact the responsible party and productive dialogue commences, the sooner your money is recovered.

Our Philosophy

NCS consistently upholds the integrity and reputation of all clients by holding to the highest standards of ethics and adverse party dignity.


  • NCS has one focus – Recovery!
  • NCS assertively and professionally pursues every avenue to recover your money
  • NCS will leave no stone unturned. Tort based or contractual, NCS delivers


  • NCS understands the various statutes and laws for each state, enabling them to pursue every responsible party
  • NCS is well versed in contract language and is able to overcome any argument that may be raised
  • NCS has a multi-lingual staff comprised of dedicated subrogation and commercial collection teams
  • NCS employees are trained and tested to comply with FDCPA regulations


  • NCS operates with respect and tact while working with each individual
  • NCS upholds ethical standards, ensuring FDCPA and HIPAA compliance
  • NCS maintains the image and honor of all clients throughout the collection process


  • NCS will recover your money faster
  • NCS is paid when your money is recovered-Your success is our success
  • NCS provides increased Net-Back results for all clients


This chart emphasizes the insignificance of a low fee when directly compared to high performance. NCS results are measurable, reliable, and consistent.

Assignments $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Rate 25% 15%
Amount Collected $400,000 $250,000
Contingency Fee $100,000 $37,500
Net-Back $300,000 $212,500

Low fee agencies have low recovery ratios. Their procedures are based solely on volume and turning files at a rapid rate. While a lower fee looks great on paper, high volume without proper methodology and follow-through means there will be shortcuts and minimal work per file. There’s no doubt that a highly skilled staff and state-of-the-art technology cost a bit more. But the numbers are clear. Net-Back to the Client is higher. Working each file to completion, NCS consistently and efficiently recovers more.